Scones, Meatballs, and Swedish Warships


Stockholm. Bench outside Medieval Museum. 11.50 14/12/2016 It feel good to sit. Green slats of wood underneath me. My journal resting on a crossed leg wearing Black Levi’s 511s. A few other people mill around, also apparently waiting for the 12.00 opening of the free Medieval Museum. Ten minutes to […]

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Too Cool For Whole Foods

picking vegetables in stockholm

“We’re going to walk down to this castle and pick vegetables for the dinner tonight” says Matt. I agree, somewhat surprised by the casual bohemianism of this statement. I slip on my Birks and we start walking down the sidewalk. It’s a beautiful day and 22 Celsius outside. Swedish faces […]

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Oakland to Stockholm


Today I flew on Norwegian Airlines direct from Oakland to Stockholm on a shiny new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. It’s got super long wings and then a gigantic engine on each wing that bobs up and down as it moves up the runway. The windows on the plane have an adjustable […]

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