The Extreme North, Day 1

Yen Minh Nha Nghi Cao Nguyen

We left Ha Giang early in the morning, starting our journey to the North pole of Vietnam–Lung Cu. We were worried the weather would be rainy, but weatherman Jim (Kevin’s dad) checked out the weather radar for our route and it looked like we had the all-clear. We saddled up […]

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Coc Pai to Ha Giang


I just showered and borrowed a ‘Big Blue Diving’ pen from David to complete this entry. The other night we got quite drunk with the police force of this town, but I woke up feeling alright and ready to make the 115 kilometer journey from Coc Pai to Ha Giang. […]

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I Fancy Fansipan

“Get your shit together, we’re heading to the mountain” says David.  “It’s clear, we’re leaving at 2:00 PM with or without without you guys”.  I look at the mountain off in the distance and see that things have cleared up significantly.  “OK” I say, hanging up the phone.  It’s 1:50 […]

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Mu Cang Chai Latte

We keep riding after the failed robbery, deciding to spend the night in the next decent town.  Mu Cang Chai it is. The ride up is breathtaking.  So many cows drinking from streams and eating grass on the side of the peaceful highway.  There’s few cars, we have the road to […]

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The Road to Sa Pa

We set off from Mu Cang Chai early, grabbing a coffee for the road at the same place we drank beer with the locals.  It was bang-on delicious.  We stop at the mechanic for an hour while they fix up Kevin’s bike.  He needs a new rim for his tire […]

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