first day in africa

It’s 22.53 and I’m sitting here exhausted on Qatar Airways 168 (QR168) at 41,001 feet–wondering why the extra foot? The meal here was pretty good, I’m pleasantly surprised at how the bread served was a warm and soft bun. That’s a first—they’re usually cold and dense. Anyways, today I woke up […]

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Visiting a Stockholm Co-Working Space

stockholm co-working space

September 15th, T-Bana to Bergshamra, Stockholm Sweden. 17.30 I’m sweating in this crowded subway car. I just spent the day in that hip neighborhood–soho (SoFo) or whatever. I went to the cafe and co-working space Coffice and got a lot of work done. An anonymous reviewer online said the coffee […]

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Stockholm Thrift Shops

stockholm thrift shops

Stockholm is a beautiful city with beautiful people. One can’t help notice the great fashion you see just walking around. Buying clothing in Stockholm is expensive, so I took it upon myself to do a little thrifting. Here’s some of the best in Stockholm thrift shops. SoFo District: SoFo is […]

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Scones, Meatballs, and Swedish Warships


Stockholm. Bench outside Medieval Museum. 11.50 14/12/2016 It feel good to sit. Green slats of wood underneath me. My journal resting on a crossed leg wearing Black Levi’s 511s. A few other people mill around, also apparently waiting for the 12.00 opening of the free Medieval Museum. Ten minutes to […]

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Too Cool For Whole Foods

picking vegetables in stockholm

“We’re going to walk down to this castle and pick vegetables for the dinner tonight” says Matt. I agree, somewhat surprised by the casual bohemianism of this statement. I slip on my Birks and we start walking down the sidewalk. It’s a beautiful day and 22 Celsius outside. Swedish faces […]

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Oakland to Stockholm


Today I flew on Norwegian Airlines direct from Oakland to Stockholm on a shiny new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. It’s got super long wings and then a gigantic engine on each wing that bobs up and down as it moves up the runway. The windows on the plane have an adjustable […]

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