Visiting a Stockholm Co-Working Space

stockholm co-working space

September 15th, T-Bana to Bergshamra, Stockholm Sweden. 17.30 I’m sweating in this crowded subway car. I just spent the day in that hip neighborhood–soho (SoFo) or whatever. I went to the cafe and co-working space Coffice and got a lot of work done. An anonymous reviewer online said the coffee […]

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Stockholm Thrift Shops

stockholm thrift shops

Stockholm is a beautiful city with beautiful people. One can’t help notice the great fashion you see just walking around. Buying clothing in Stockholm is expensive, so I took it upon myself to do a little thrifting. Here’s some of the best in Stockholm thrift shops. SoFo District: SoFo is […]

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Hangovers, Landmines, and Forrest Gump

Stooped over, sweaty, and with a burning headache do I find myself sitting here on the stoop out front of my room. I’ve finally found my pen, hiding somewhere on the ground. Last night I wrote while smoking cigarettes with some people, and the pen must have slipped out of […]

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