American Food

I’m sitting here staring at the layout of this blog, while eating some pasta with meat sauce and veggies.  Is this the last time I’ll have this dish for 6 months?  These are the kind of thoughts I’ve been having whenever I eat.  I’m leaving the continent in under two weeks, and some of my favorite foods won’t be available–especially the pasta my roommate made for me.

For brunch I had a spinach and mushroom benedict at Mission Beach Cafe, and I have a hard time believing i’ll find that in Asia either.  Maybe in an upscale hotel or in Australia if I make it there.

It’s hard not to feel guilty when I’m eating Asian food at this point.  I had a necessary post-Friday night Pho for lunch yesterday and mused over wasted meal opportunities.  No matter how much better the Pho will taste in Vietnam, sometimes you just have to follow your heart and get a bowl.  

Here’s some food I’m certain I won’t be able to find

  • Burritos, Tacos, or any good Mexican food

  • Black beans

  • American greasy spoon breakfast

  • Chili

  • Clam Chowder 

  • Poutine (already hardly existent in America)

At least I’m not eating Thai food for dinner.

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