Flight BR17 to Taipei

Some water just dripped on my neck.  Can’t say I’m used to that when I fly.  This airplane has a pretty cool compass display for passengers.  One of the views it cycles through has the HUD you would see on a fighter jet, with pitch, roll, altitude, speed, etc live from the actual plane computer.  It’s superimposed on a three-dimensional render of the area the plane is flying in–probably gleamed from GPS.

This 14 hour flight was fairly uneventful.  Seatmate was a nice Asian dude, and an older Asian dude.

I passed out quickly, aided by facemask and earplugs.  Woke up with 2 and a half hours to go, and got through half of James Bond Spectre.  I’ll have to pick it up whenever I have time.  Water keeps dripping on me as I sit in the plane.

Landing gear is coming down, we’re full flaps now.  I’m pretty stinky. These ‘joggers’ I am wearing almost fucked me again.  Passport and wallet fell right out while I was seated.  I’ll have to throw these away after the flight.  At least they’re comfy.

I’ve got an hour and a half to transfer to the next flight to Bangkok.  I’m stoked to get a passport stamp.  I forgot my Lifeproof headphone adapter, so now I can’t listen to music on my phone while it is in the case.  Kind of sucks, but if that’s the worst thing I forgot, then I think I am in good shape.

And we have touchdown…

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