Ko Samui and catching up

I’m drinking a coffee and smoking a cigarette out front of the hostel. Max, Cody, and I have been hanging out here for a while. A nice little area atop fake grass to watch the traffic move past.

We helped the Thai lady running this hostel get her key out of the sewer. She dropped it down there while moving the rental bikes around. We witnessed the tragedy and sprung into action. We coiled together some coat hangers to make a long hook. We almost lost it but were able to grab it by the wrist strap. I functioned as a roadblock and divert the scooter traffic while we fished the sewer grate. Helping people in need.

It’s humid here in Ko Samui, the result of the a torrential downpour earlier today. The clouds are clearing up, and the blue sky is visible on the left side of the sky. Long misty clouds.

Life is fast and slow when you’re traveling.

I’ve been to Bangkok, Ko Tao, Ko Phagnan, the Full Moon Party, and now Ko Samui. I haven’t even had time to blog about anything past a day or too In Bangkok. It’s all in my journal, but it seems kind of lame to just do a journal dump at this point. This is all OC written in situ.

I feel like I started travelling yesterday, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been gone for months. It’s only been 25 days. I got an extension on my stay in Thailand, so I don’t need to leave until April 1st.

I’m headed to Phi Phi with 3 other guys tomorrow at 6:00 AM, so the plan calls for a chill night. We’re going to go watch Deadpool tonight and chill. Ko Phi Phi will be a complete party.

I’ve got 50 pages of stories but no time to blog them. My priorities are living life and experiencing this trip to the fullest so that doesn’t leave me much time to get digital.

Until next time.


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