Flight BR17 to Taipei

Some water just dripped on my neck.  Can’t say I’m used to that when I fly.  This airplane has a pretty cool compass display for passengers.  One of the views it cycles through has the HUD you would see on a fighter jet, with pitch, roll, altitude, speed, etc live […]

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Last night one of my friends got assaulted and bled all over his clothing.  Cops on this island ride scooters and don’t seem to mind having foreigners ride bitch with their sidearm fully accessible to foreigners like me and my battered friend.  I’m in Ko Tao right now, an island […]

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American Food


I’m sitting here staring at the layout of this blog, while eating some pasta with meat sauce and veggies.  Is this the last time I’ll have this dish for 6 months?  These are the kind of thoughts I’ve been having whenever I eat.  I’m leaving the continent in under two […]

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