Vegan Food in Tofo

It’s almost ironic that in a place pronounced ‘tofu’ one still has to be vigilant in finding vegan food. Luckily, the name isn’t too far off the mark, and it’s easy enough to find tasty vegan food in Tofo. Restaurants For such a small place, there is a impressive assortment […]

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Tofo Scuba

14.05 — Tofo Scuba. I’m wearing these shitty swim trunks I bought in the market as I sit here typing away on my laptop. I’ve stolen a fry or two from Annabel as her salad and chips have arrived. I just did two separate dives this morning with Corina, Annabel, […]

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Traditional Maasai Mara Village


So this article is about touring a ‘traditional’ Maasai Mara village, but here’s a little context. After the hot air balloon we kept on driving with David, Faryar and I sitting on the roof of the jeep for a while. I asked David a question about gazelle horns and then […]

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Maasai Mara to Tanzania

The ‘free African massage’ is in session as we bounce around down the road from Maasai Mara to Tanzania. We’re cutting through the park and the air is nice and cool at this hour as it streams through the open top of our safari van. Caffeine levels low. The tolerance […]

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An AK-47 is on the flag of Mozambique, and also makes up the seal of this country. This is all I knew before I arrived. As the surf crashes up on the beach beside me, I’m drinking a cold 2M Mac Mahon–De Cervejas De Moçambique. For a country with a gun […]

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Amstel Light

I’m chewing away on this cold pizza while I sit in the cozy South African living room of my hostel. It was pretty decent pizza cold, my new friend Peta offered me some when I asked if she had dinner yet. Yum. First hostel I have been in where this […]

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Hot Air Balloon over Maasai Mara

Bouncing around in the back of a Land Cruiser with David behind the ‘ol wheel. We just saw some Lions like way up close—about 3 meters. Today has been epic. We’ve just been in a hot air balloon over Maasai Mara. Here’s what happened. We wake up at 3:45 AM […]

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African Pho

african pho

Sitting here on my last night in Zanzibar enjoying some dank ass Zanzibar Beef Soup. The dude working here brougt it with some PiriPiris, he knows what I like! Nice. I feel so at home here. Karibu. This soup is almost like an African Pho, I really like it. I […]

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first day in africa

It’s 22.53 and I’m sitting here exhausted on Qatar Airways 168 (QR168) at 41,001 feet–wondering why the extra foot? The meal here was pretty good, I’m pleasantly surprised at how the bread served was a warm and soft bun. That’s a first—they’re usually cold and dense. Anyways, today I woke up […]

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