Free Cerveza Hostel

I’m sipping a lime margarita while sitting on a floor cushion at a low table fashioned out of an old skinny door. All of the doors, doorways, etc in Guatemala seem to be designed for really short people. So this hostel is on the waters of Lake Atitlan, and boasts […]

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Kiwi Ski Hill

kiwi ski hill antarctica

My stomach growls as I sit here idly watching the new Blade Runner. I’m sitting atop that plush couch, plugged into one of the three internet connections in the lounge. This is one of the few places in town where you can plug your laptop in to get some Internet. […]

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Antarctica Marathon

“I heard theres an Antarctica marathon” wrote I in an email to my soon-to-be boss. I had accepted the primary position and had lots of questions, this being just one of them. A few months later, and I’m down here on the ice tucking myself into bed, the marathon only […]

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Antarctic Christmas Parties

It’s December 25th, 22:20. I’m sat in The Coffee House, having just grabbed a horrible glass of box wine on last call. A loud table of galley folks are playing game of Settlers of Catan. I was just in here earlier, also playing a round of Catan. We christened a […]

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The Gangbang Bathroom

“You actually shower in the gangbang bathroom? I walked in there and just noped the fuck out of there”. There’s two bathrooms on the second floor of the dorms in Building 155, high traffic stops serving about 100 people on the floor. One of them has individual shower stalls and […]

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Castle Rock Tanning Club #2

“He shot me down…bang bang…I hit the ground bang bang…my baby let me down.”  Kill Bill just started. Uma Thurman is beating the shit out of some black chick. I’m just sippin’ some Fat Tire. Mike, Joel, Ken, and some other dude are here. Other dude just broke me off […]

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“Meet in the big gym at 7:00, the race will start at 7:30”  read the e-mail. Today was the day. McMurdo Station (USA) was competing against Scott Base (New Zealand) in the annual manhauling competition. What’s manhauling? Well it’s like dog-sled racing, but instead of dogs you have humans. Our […]

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Castle Rock Tanning Club

LOUNGE, BUILDING 155 – DAY (PERPETUAL) I’m kind of hungry. Feeling exhausted. I hiked Castle Rock today. I’m wearing a Hawaiian floral shirt and Canadian themed ‘We The North’ pajama bottoms. Susan, Cam, and some other people are all sitting in here watching the new Kingsmen movie–it’s pretty engaging. * * […]

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Antarctic Time Traveling

Mount Erebus Antarctica McMurdo

December 1st, 2017. McMurdo Station, Antarctica, 15:19 GMT+12:00.  22°F I forgot my pager at the office. Sitting here in my dorm room upon a comfy chair I took from another building. We carried it across the station, struggling with it on slushy volcanic dirt turning to mud. My colleague banged […]

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